Basic Equipment You Need For Your First Horse Ride

Basic Equipment You Need For Your First Horse Ride

If you plan to ride the horse then you must start buying the basic equipment which you will surely need before you first ride else you will be thrown off by the horse. Thus if you don’t like to picture yourself on the hospital bed thus take these measures. If own your own horse field then you will require additional staff for cleaning the ground after the ride. Get wheelbarrows and shovels but if it is already available due to gardening then reuse it efficiently. Get water troughs and feed for your horse so it treats you well.

Remember one thing that first you need to get the horse and then the other essential accessories later. You must not buy them pre-hand out of excitement as you will want to measure the size of horse well for the bridles and saddles. In order to avoid the regret later, you surely have to wait for the right time for getting the custom fit. Other items which are for the comfort of the horses like feed and brushes can be bought beforehand. If you are wondering what other items are required then this article covers the items in detail.  For more information click here.

Riding Essentials Like Rider Footwear

The most important purchase is that the equipment which you can’t ride without. Get this equipment once your horse is in your barn. You surely need to get the proper saddle which fits perfectly with your horses. Remember that the sizes of each person vary thus only get those saddles which are customized. Get it of high quality and don’t compromise on it. Try the saddle of you’re and test it before making any final decision. You should not sink in overconfidence and deny the importance of a helmet. The safety measure is exceedingly vital else you will regret the consequences. Get a lightweight and high-quality helmet for yourself.

Marketplaces will offer you several options, but don’t strain your brain cells by choosing any local option for the helmet. Only go for the licensed once as being certified it ensures your safety to a great level.  You also need to have an inch heel of the rider footwear, as this is important in ensuring your safety. So get the riding shoes and even the horse riding jackets after a complete survey of the market.

Feeding Essentials

For taking proper care of your ride, you need to get a giant feed tub and large water buckets. You must get a water heater for your horse if you are living in a cold place.

Barn Maintenance

For maintaining your barn you surely need a wheelbarrow, a broom, the manure fork, and pitchfork. You must know that spray becomes exceedingly vital if your place has a lot of insects.

Horse Whip

While riding, you need to be equipped with certain types of harness. Get a driving whip for the horse and the harness with the bridle to ensure the safe ride. Take full precautions to form your end, rest is all just the unpredictable.