How To Know Your Hot Water Cylinders Needs Maintenance?

How To Know Your Hot Water Cylinders Needs Maintenance?

People often don’t realize that their hot water cylinders need maintenance in New Zealand until they experience a great malfunction. You will surely don’t want to wait to get a cold water out of the tap to realize that the time has come to change the cylinders. If you don’t want to experience those hard times in New Zealand then be alert of the signs and take precautions beforehand. Listed below are five signs which will surely alert you to get the professional help before it gets too late.

Frequent Fluctuations In Water Temperature

If you get no hot water out of tap then surely you will run for professional help but the point here is to catch the fluctuation in the water here. The frequent change in temperature is a clue that there is for sure something not proper in your hot water cylinder. There can be a lot of possibilities of such malfunction. It may be possible that there are mineral deposits layering inside the heating cylinder. In such case, you may need to get a few heating elements replaced for sure.

Less Pressure Of Hot Water

If mineral gets deposited deep down the cylinder then they will not only cause the efficiency to reduce through fluctuation but they will also cause blocked pipes. Such deposits will lead less water to drain out from the cylinder, simultaneously reducing the pressure. A poor design of the hot water cylinder together with the kinked lines will also cause the low water pressure out of the hot water cylinder. If you don’t want that pressure to completely die down then get the help in New Zealand from an expert.


If the cylinder leaks you will say that it is an obvious sign, but it is actually not. You really need to scrutinize and deeply inspect the hot water cylinder visually. Home owners don’t really pay heed or take their time out to inspect the heaters often, especially in New Zealand. Just always monthly go for the checkup of your cylinders, incorporate the act of scanning through in your routine.

Taste Of Water

If you ever feel a metallic taste in your water, then it clearly means that corrosion has long happened. Getting a rusty hot or cold water from the taps signal the fact that corrosion is somewhere down in the pipe. If the issue is with the pipe then it is a long painful process to get that fixed. But if there is something wrong with the hot water only then just get the professional help in New Zealand to fix the heater before it is too late to cause damage to the tank. Water smelling strange is also a sign of the malfunction coupled with a cloudy water coming out of the tap.

Strange Sounds

A major appliance will surely cause a bit of sound but if you hear a loud pop then there is a signal of getting a proper check. Any sort of banging or cracking sound is not a positive sign too.

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