Transform Your Home With These 10 Genius Ikea Hacks

Transform Your Home With These 10 Genius Ikea Hacks

Ikea NZ is the best place to start with if you have no clue about the steps involved in your dream house. Once you enter top Ikea store you will be overwhelmed by the furniture NZ they offer. One after the other you will just keep on filling your shopping cart and the best part is you will not stop until your credit card runs out. Why will you be hypnotized in IKEA NZ? It is because the top Ikea store is not only filled with elegant furniture but they are offered at way too low price. The Ikea store take care of the customers thus they manufacture those types of furniture which will easily fall in the range and that too without a single percent compromise in the quality.

Shelf From Ikea Online

You can design your bathroom shelf in just a blink of an eye. HoW? Well, you will have to repurpose the handle of the tables. There will be a great amount of space. You can top it by placing the mirror over the side table. What more do you want?

Closet From Ikea NZ

You can turn your plain spare wall into a great organizer. So go for two bookshelves. All you have to do is to make use of them for organizing your clothes in a great way.

Rolling Drawers From Top Ikea Store

Your jar of beans can easily get lost in the corner of your cabinet. And I totally understand that how hard it is to find it back. But if you opt for rolling drawers from Ikea NZ then all this hassle will disappear. Finding anything was never too easy. Your overall time will be reduced.

New Zealand Ikea Furniture Of Movable Working Place

A movable workstation will be really helpful for you. Why? You can use a most useful hack which is of turning IKEA bookshelf into a desk. Isn’t it amazing? You will be having wheels.

Modern Desk

You can make the use of Ikea chest. All you need to do is to connect it with a plank and in no time you feel way too productive. You can add your personality to the plank by coating it.

Bed Slats

Want to think outside the box? Go for repurposing your bed slats. They can old your kitchen herbs and not only this they are the best place for your magazines. Even several pairs of shoes can reside there!

Makeup Storage

You need to get way too organized and everything should be under your control. Bear in mind that making use of a shelf that will be cleverly mounted. Just fake a table look and be ready to see the biggest organizer which will reduce your clutter by half makeup junkie.

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Under Bed Storage

Your bed must be mounted over the Ikea cabinet for storage.


Your bookshelves can be placed in the kitchen to hold several cookbooks.

A Rolling Cart

You can take a rolling cart and it can be used for several purposes from holding pantry items to the bathroom.