4 Steps to Choose the Right Spill Containment Kit

4 Steps to Choose the Right Spill Containment Kit

Are you wondering which spill containment kit should you go for? This may look like a daunting task, but in essence, it is not. This task particularly becomes challenging as one has a wide array of options available. This article will help you in narrowing down your choices. You can select the kits according to the suitability of the situation.


Oil spill kit for liquids absorption

You need to ask yourself what liquids need absorption. You need to realize that the spill kit is designed to serve a different purpose. For instance, one can go with the spill kits which offers the absorption of oil-based liquids or with the ones which absorb only water. One can also go with the spill kits which offer limited compatibility like the ones with not needed chemical reaction. If you get the right idea as to which liquids you will be making use of then the selection can become much easier.


Types of oil spill kit

Normally, one will encounter three types of oil spill kits, namely, universal, oil, and chemicals. The universal kit is usually used for oil, coolants and other water-based spills. If you will be dealing with non-corrosive liquids then the best bet will be to go for such universal kits. The other types of kits are oil-based. These primarily make use of oil-based liquids. This is great for oil-based spills. The other category for spills kits is the chemicals one which primarily deals with corrosive liquids. Thus, in short, it all depends on your usage. By answering the liquids you will be dealing with, you will be narrowing down your choices.


 Volume and oil spill kit

Next, you need to keep the worst scenario in mind when selecting the oil spill kit. If you have a picture of the worst scenario in your mind then this will help you in the long run. You need to ask yourself what volume of liquid you can expect to get spilled from a single container. This question will work well even if the liquid gets stored in the drums. Don’t expect the oil spill kit to absorb the whole spill. Rather, you will need the assistance of pumps and vacuums. The best bet is to start with pumps and then absorb the remaining liquid with the aid of absorbents.


Location and oil spill kit

Questioning which type of container will suit the best? There are many companies which make use of spill kits near storage areas, stations, and other loading docks. One can make use of spill kit near fluid collection station. You might not be aware, but if you will go for small spill kits then they do have a handle which makes things much easier. One easily carry the small oil spill kit at the spill site. If you are wondering what about the larger kits? How to make them portable? Well, in that case, the assistance of wheeled containers and dollies will help.


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