What Is The Complete Process Of Applying For An Investment Visa?

What Is The Complete Process Of Applying For An Investment Visa?

Now you want to apply for the investor’s visa and you know two things only that you can get investors visa if you either invest 3 million or 10 million. There are few requirements for those who want an investment of 3 million like the age of investor must be less than 65 with experience of 3 years in business and he should be fluent in English. There are no additional requirements for those who are making an investment of 10 or over.

Now think that you are approved well think of the process. If your investment visa gets approved then you will be given a time span of 12 months to get the amount fully transferred. Just get the time frame extended if you know that you won’t be able to meet this deadline or vice versa you can apply for the work visa before. Remember applying for a work visa before the investment visa will give you a proper idea in regards to the opportunities which are stored in there for you.

Acceptable Investments According To Investment Visa Consultant

Investment Visa Consultant suggest that you must be wondering that what the acceptable investments are. Well, there is a proper criterion which you should meet if you really want your investment to get accepted.   You must fit in the criteria mentioned below to proceed ahead.

  •   You can invest for equity in several New Zealand firms. Remember that this investment falls under both the criteria of passive income and active one/
  •   You can also invest in a form of bonds which can be issued by Nz government or local authorities. The option of a bond is not limited till here. As according to Investment Visa Consultant you can also avail the forms of banks and different finance companies.
  •   As an investor, you can also dig your hands into the investment of residential property. Remember that it will not be for personal use in any way.
  •    You must keep in mind that up to 15 % the investment can be a philanthropic investment.


Important Suggestions By Investment Visa Consultant

Other things that you must keep in mind according to Investment Visa Consultant is that you must be capable of getting a commercial return and that in normal conditions. Apart from this, let your investment remain in New Zealand’s currency. What more? You must own by any way the real potential or determination of investing in New Zealand’s economy. Bear in mind that this investment is not for the personal use of any investors.

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What Investment Visa Consultant Say About Source Of Investment?

Remember that investment needs to be legal anyway thus you have to way too extra careful. You need the investment funds to be not subject to any mortgage, lien or charge. You must have earned only through legal means. If you pen an idea somewhere deep down in your mind that authorities are not aware of the source of your income then you are highly mistaken. Thus be sure to acquire the investment in every legal way possible. Bear in mind these procedures must be known to every potential investor.